Awning Repair Services

Are you having trouble with your awning? Is it stuck? Or torn due to the bad weather? The fabric’s color has faded away? Don’t worry, we provide awning repair services at Europe Fabrics Awnings.

Awning Repair Services

Europe Fabric Awnings offers repair, restoration, and recovering services for awnings. Our service includes all kinds of awnings, fixing canopies, and parasols when they are worn out due to excessive use and might require some renovation. You might be wondering why has your awning gone bad. Well, the awning might get worn out over time due to mildew, pollution, and rain. However, it doesn’t mean you have to throw out the fabric. Extend your awning’s life by repairing it using our service. Our service includes repairs, new covers, and rebranding for your damaged awning to make it new and increase its life.

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Type of Awning Repair

We offer a variety of awning repairs. Awning repair includes both motorized and manual awning, which may need repair over time. The repair is carried out on-site or off-site depending upon the nature of work that needs to be done. When it comes to canopy repairs, solid frames can be recovered and most of the work is done on-site. Moreover, Parasols can be damaged due to high winds when they are open and if the damage is high, it is recommended to take them off-site for inspection and repairs.

What We Offer

In our awning repair services, we offer recovering, printing, and signwriting. If the fabric is worn out but still usable, we clean them and fix them. Moreover, if they are too damaged, we make new covers and fix them on the existing shade system. In addition to that, we also offer an option to print logos, advertisements, or messages on the awning when we are repairing them or adding new fabric covers. This usually helps with rebranding the brand and giving it a whole new look.  For awning repairs, we send our team for inspection and then decide the best possible solution under the given circumstances.


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